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Foam Expansion Joint

Non-Crosslink Polyethylene Foam & Sill Seal

Non-Crosslink Polyethylene Foam is a closed cell foam available in black, gray, or white. It can be used in all standard concrete construction applications. It is widely used in residential, commercial, and industrial construction.

Sill Seal is a non-crosslink polyethylene foam that can be used as a barrier seal around windows and between wood framing and concrete walls. Sill Seal is very similar to our regular non-crosslink polyethylene foam, but does not come with a peel-off strip.

       Notable Features:

  •  Extruded from high-quality polyethylene foam
  • Peel-Off Strip: Standard on each roll, but can be special ordered without
  • Very Flexible: Will not break or crack when used around curves or columns
  • Lightweight: Approximately 10 times lighter than traditional expansion joint products
  • Accepted: Commonly used by both commercial and residential contractors
  •  Durable: With near zero water absorption, it will not rot out of the joint over an extended period of time.
  • Economical: Easily cut and handled on any jobsite


  • Setup remains the same; no special equipment is required
  • Simply install the Non-Crosslink Polyethylene foam with the peel-off strip up or down depending on whether or not the joint will be sealed
  • Easily installed using spray-on adhesive, mechanical fasteners, or- in some cases- just a smack of a hammer
  • Finish the concrete as you normally would
  • If the joint will not be sealed, then you're done; if it will be sealed, utilize the peel-top feature to create the sealant cavity.

       Still not quite sure? Consider this…

  • Wrapping any kind of circular structure is nearly impossible to do properly with other types of joint fillers. Non-Crosslink Polyethylene is a natural fit for these applications and many others. Even wrapping very small diameter columns is a breeze with Non-Crosslink Polyethylene!

Tech Data Sheet

Tech Data Sheet (Sill Seal)

Crosslink Polyethylene Foam

Crosslink Polyethylene Foam, an expansion joint material extruded from high-quality, closed cell polyethylene foam, provides all of the same reliable characteristics of standard Non-Crosslink Polyethylene Foam, but is compatible with a broader range of solvents and hot applied sealants.

Crosslink Polyethylene Foam expansion joint filler can be used in all standard concrete construction projects including highways, runways, parking garages, driveways, sidewalks, and floor slabs. In addition, it can be used as a buffer between dissimilar materials such as columns, manhole covers, and adjacent constructions.

Tech Data Sheet