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About Us

Pottstown, PA

J&K Foam Fabricating, Inc., whose main office is located in the northeastern United States, is one of the nation's leading custom fabricators of concrete expansion joint materials. J&K Foam Fabricating, Inc. specializes in expansion joint products such as Neoprene, Non-Crosslink Polyethylene, Crosslink Polyethylene, Standard and Self Expanding Cork, Backer Rod, Hot Rod, Soft Rod, Rebonded Rubber and Bearing Pads as well as other concrete accessories such as ZipStrip, VoidCap, Spray Adhesive, and Backer Rod insertion tools. We have a full line of products in stock and available for immediate shipment and two fabrication facilities, located in the Northeast and Midwest, where our skilled teams of fabricators are prepared to provide custom sizes to meet your job specific requirements.

Our dedication to our customers does not end at fabrication, however; J&K Foam Fabricating, Inc. is dedicated to providing our customers with top-notch customer service. At J&K Foam Fabricating, Inc., we value our relationships with our customers and strive to improve them every year. Our mission has been- and will always be- to provide our customers with superior customer service, quality products, and competitive pricing!

J & K Foam Fabricating, Inc. utilizes a network of wholesale distributors and dealers across the United States to distribute our materials. Please contact us today to become an Authorized Distributor or to find the name of a distributor in your area. Our #1 goal is to help you meet the needs of your customers, so when you "need it now" give us a call!

J&K Foam Fabricating, Inc. is co-owned and operated by Jennifer Geist, who is also the president and general manager. Jennifer has worked in this industry for 20+ years and has assembled a quality team with well over 50 years of combined experience to meet the needs of their customers all over the United States. Please give us a call today to see how our experience can be of benefit to you!